Welcome to Northeast Copper Craft

Adding Value & Character To Your Home

Northeast Copper Craft is Monmouth county’s premier hand-crafting copper company since 2006.
N.E.C.C. provides quality copper work at reasonable prices for home owners along the New Jersey Shore and surrounding areas. The company accomplishes the engineering and installation of all copper products in both a timely and professional manner.

In early 2006 Paul Tramontano established Northeast Copper Craft (NECC). As the owner, Paul has over 15 years of experience working with copper, tin, and other metals. He started out working for a small copper business near the New Jersey Shore and learned the trade through years of hands-on experience and dedication. After several years as a craftsman with that copper company, Paul decided to venture out on his own and create Northeast Copper Craft. N.E.C.C.’s goal and vested interest is to continue providing outstanding products and exceptional customer service to the communities along and around the New Jersey Shore.